Safety Industry

Gerson's full line of NIOSH and CE approved respirators for the safety market are designed for comfort and fit, utilizing the very latest in next-generation respirator technology.

Gerson is a prime US-based manufacturer of NIOSH and CE Approved Disposable Respirators, with vertically integrated state of the art manufacturing both in our USA and international manufacturing facilities.

Gerson NIOSH and CE Approved particulate respirators are quality-made with state-of-the-art filtration media produced by Gerson in the USA. Our superior products offer great comfort, easy breathing and approved protection.

We offer fit testing kits, cupped particulate respirators, disposable cartridge respirators and replaceable cartridge face piece systems with a full range of NIOSH-approved cartridge options.

Our patented Smart-Mask foldable particulate respirator features a unique design that fits a wider variety of face types with a higher fit factor than traditional cupped respirators, and is foldable for individual hygienic storage and pandemic preparedness.

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