Surface Prep Industry

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Our cutting-edge Coatings Application & Accessory product solutions feature the finest products for paint application, contamination control and respiratory protection. Designed and produced based on over 60 years experience in the spray coating industry our products deliver productivity and quality-control for the most up to date spray coating and paint processes, including the latest waterborne paints and coatings. State of the Art technology utilized in our designs and product manufacturing provide a consistent and reliable level of quality to the end user:

  • Gerson Elite Dispenser Strainers: Quality USA-made Gerson strainers are guaranteed to be contaminant-free, residue-free and made with the highest-quality mesh. The patented Elite dispensing system clean-room production process provides the end user with products that enhance the final coating finish and reduce the need for re-work due to dirt and dust.
  • Gerson tack cloths are approved by leading Auto, Marine, Aerospace and Electronics manufacturers. We offer a complete assortment of cotton and synthetic tack cloths for high, medium and low-tack applications.
  • Gerson Respirators feature Smart-Masks and Cupped Respirators, Cartridge Respirators and Fit Test Kits

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