Tack Cloths
  • Completely remove surface particulates without harmful residues
  • Wax/Silicone-Free
  • Compatible with all paints

Gerson tack cloths are approved by leading Auto, Marine, Aerospace and Electronics manufacturers. We offer a complete assortment of cotton and synthetic tack cloths for high, medium and low-tack applications.

Gerson is a leading, prime manufacturer of Tack Cloths for critical surface preparation. A complete range of substrates are available, from lint-free knit polyester to nonwovens to 100% cotton gauze.

Tack cloths can be provided in rolls, bulk-cut sheets or individual sealed poly bags. A variety of proven formulations are available and can be custom-formulated to provide the exact tack and feel that you need.

Our in-house laboratory is equipped to perform FTIR Spectroscopy to certify that production lots are free of silicone, quantitative tack measurements to certify lot-to-lot consistency and fluorescence microscopy for particulate inspection.

Whether you are in Aerospace, Electronics, Furniture& Appliances, Powder Coating or Automotive Finishing or Refinishing, call us to meet your needs.

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