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The Gerson Company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Respiratory Protection and Coatings Application products for the Safety, Medical and Coatings markets in North America and globally.

Gerson products are made to the highest quality standards by Gerson's designers, engineers and operations team. All of our products are produced to provide consistent safety, quality and ease of use to the end user. Our extensive sales and distribution network provide access to Gerson products through the world. Our entire team here at Gerson is focused on customer satisfaction and the ease of doing business with Gerson.

Our high-quality products are proudly made in the USA at our Middleboro, Massachusetts manufacturing facility.

All our Research & Development, Product Design, Testing and Quality Assurance processes are implemented in-house by our talented technical staff. We are continually hard at work developing new technologies to keep us at the cutting edge of workplace safety and pandemic preparedness products, as well as paint application and contamination control products for coatings processes.

Gerson is a prime US-based manufacturer of NIOSH and CE Approved Disposable Respirators. We are vertically integrated in the production of our own filter media with automated production of respirators in Middleboro, MA and Shenzhen, China.

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Introducing New Elite Strainer System

Elite Strainer System

Gerson announces the introduction of the revolutionary Elite® Paint Strainer & Dispenser System, a total system designed to provide clean, contaminant-free storage and "no touch" tab dispensing to ensure that each strainer is 100% contamination free at final use. The Gerson system was developed to provide the critical increased level of purity required for refinishing with today's waterborne and clear-coat paints.