Professional Series Half-Mask Respirator with G71 Cartridge Kits – Bag

Working With Aluminum?
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Half-Mask Respirator With Organic Vapor, P100 Respirator Cartridges
The Gerson Half-Mask with our G71 combination OV/P100 Cartridges is the recommended solution:

  • NIOSH-Approved protection for metal fumes that are generated during Aluminum Welding.
  • NIOSH-Approved particulate filter provides at least 99.97% filtration efficiency against  particulates generated in sanding and grinding applications in the Body Shop*.
  • Relief from the irritating effects of nuisance level Ozone**.
  • NIOSH-Approved protection for Paint-Spray and other Organic Vapors.*
  • Includes 1 Half-Mask Facepiece, 4 OV/P100 Cartridges and 1 “Hygiene Guard”.


089261-KIT Medium Silicone 1/bag, 12/case
089361-KIT Large Silicone 1/bag, 12/case


*WARNINGS: Before use, the user must first determine that the respirator properly fits. A fit test must be performed in accordance with 29CFR 1910.134. All users of safety products must undergo thorough training and all warnings and instructions provided with the products must be read and understood prior to use. It is necessary to assess the work environment and concentrations of hazardous substances that may exist in the workplace in order to determine the appropriate protective equipment. This product does not supply Oxygen. User must maintain at least 19.5% Oxygen in the workplace. Do not use in or around sandblasting.

**Not NIOSH approved for Ozone protection. “Nuisance Level” refers to concentrations not exceeding the OSHA PEL or applicable government standards for exposure limits, whichever is lower.

Part Number: 089261-KIT & 089361-KIT.

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